This section contains troubleshooting tips for the SAP/R3 version not recognized during discovery.


When I start the ERP Configuration Tool, I get an error stating that my version of SAP is not supported during discovery.


Between different version of SAP/R3, the BAPI's used for discovery may be different. The ERP Configuration Tool has been certified to properly discover BAPIs on SAP4.7[x], If your SAP server is not one of these versions you will receive this error.

If you believe that your SAP server is compatible with the above version but not recognized, you may add your version to the list of recognized versions.

To do this

  • Use the SAPGUI client and retrieve the internal version numbers for your SAP server.

  • Add these SAP version numbers to the "Supported Versions" registry key (below)

    • Key Name = HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ERP Management Agent\SchemaDiscoveryAdapter46\

    • Value Name= Supported SAP Versions

    • Value Type = string

    • Value Data = semi-colon delimited list of SAP version numbers. Example 610;620;630;640