The steps below guides you through the process of adding or updating attribute(s) within an ERP MA configuration. Attributes define an object type within a FIM configuration. The attributes you create using the ERP MA Configuration Tool will be the attributes imported into the ERP MA schema within FIM.

There are essentially two steps for configuring attributes in an ERP MA Configuration.

  1. Define the attribute name, type and any additional defining properties.

  2. Map the attribute to corresponding function/parameters that will read or write data to the attribute.

Add attribute name "username"

  1. Click the Add Attribute action button on the main window. This will start the 'Add New Attribute' wizard.When prompted enter a name='username' then click Next. Also select the data that this attribute will store (i.e. Integer, String).

  2. Map this attribute the associated function/parameters that will read/write data to and from this attribute 'BAPI_USER_DELETE.USERNAME'