This section explains what server settings can be changed for the ERP MA. Server settings can be modified through the ERP MA Configuration Tool.

Server settings

Server settings

The ERP MA Configuration Tool contains a page to configure the following Server Settings

  • Format and regional settings

  • Password generation rule

  • Function discovery options

The Server Settings should be configured based on your SAP Server (not your FIM server).To display the Server Settings page, select File > Server settings from the main window.

Format and regional settings

At ERP MA runtime, the SAP R3 server expects date time data to be passed in a region specific format when sending date/time information in RFC calls. Format and regional settings include:

  • Character set code page - The code page used by the SAP server. Set the ERP MA code page to be in sync with the SAP R3 server code page. This is particularly important if you are using paginated imports where character searches are sent to the SAP server.

  • DateTime - The date and time format used by the SAP Server.

  • RTimeZone - Used when the ERP MA needs to calculate the SAP R3 local time. The time-zone is an important settings if you are running delta imports.

Password generation rule

Some create functions (i.e. as is the case for BAPI_USER_CREATE) won't allow you to create a new object in SAP if a password is not supplied. For this purposes, a temporary password must be supplied so that the object can be created. After which, FIM will issue a set password command where a valid password will be set.

By default, passwords in SAP observes a set of rules. This password generation option on the server-settings dialog, allows you to configure rule the ERP MA uses when creating these objects. To configure a runtime generated password, simply reference the pre-defined alias 'ma.runtimeGeneratedPassword'.

Function discovery options

This page allows you configure the discovery filter used when caching RFC. You may also trigger a new discovery cache to be built by checking the option for "Rebuild discovery cache on next restart'.