This section explains how to configure an ERP MA function call to properly raise/notify failures to FIM. The SAP .NET connector only raises communication type errors. By default if the function executes, regardless of a failed or successful result, no errors will be raised to FIM. In other words FIM will not be informed that there was a problem with the function call which might lead to data inconsistency.To prevent this, you must use the ERP MA Configuration Tool to flag the function/parameter which holds error/status information, so that the ERP MA knows where to retrieve this information and notify FIM if there is a problem.

To configure function error handling
  1. Open you configuration and select an operation to modify for properly dealing with errors.

  2. Select and edit the function to configure to raise error.

  3. Select the parameter which holds error and/or status information. In our case this will be RETURN parameter.

    • By convention, the parameter that holds the error and/or status information is usually a parameter named RETURN, RETURN[x], or RET.

    • If you are editing a pre-existing configuration, the non-aliased parameter (such as RETURN) may not be displayed. Click the add button to re-add this missing parameter the list and flag it as containing error information.

  4. Check the box which says 'This parameter contains error info' check box.