There may be scenarios where a function should only execute if certain attributes exists and have data. This is typically seen in update scenarios where multiple functions are configured that updates different data structures but only one of these configured data structure has changed data. In such a scenario you may only want to execute the function that updates the changed structure. The ERP MA allows you configure this scenario by place a runtime conditional check on the function(s) that only need to execute when certain attributes have been changed or added.

The example below configures a condition that checks that attribute 'profile' has been changed before executing the assign profile function.

To add a runtime condition check to function BAPI_USER_PROFILES_ASSIGN
  1. Edit the 'add' operation by selecting the operation and then clicking the Edit action button.

  2. Select the 'BAPI_USER_PROFILES_ASSIGN' function and click the Edit button at the bottom of the form.

  3. Click the edit function properties to the right of the function name. This will open the Add Condition form shown below.

  4. Check the 'Enable checking runtime condition before executing function' checkbox.

  5. Select the attribute named 'profiles' in the attribute list.

  6. Select the test to perform by clicking the appropriate radio button in the right.

    In order to execute the function when the trigger attribute has changed, select the 'Execute function when Attribute Value Changed' radio box. Likewise to execute the ‘execute’ function when the trigger attribute has data, select the 'Execute function when Attribute Value Exists' radio box.