The steps below guides you through the process of adding a new, or modifying an existing, object type within an ERP MA configuration. An object type in a new configuration is defined by the containing operations and attributes. Therefore in order to fully configure a new object type you will also have to configure the various operations, functions and attributes that make up the object type.

For this example we'll configure the minimum, which is as one operation containing one function and one attribute.

To add a new ObjectType
  1. In the ERP Configuration Tool click Add ObjectType.

  2. Enter a name for the object, and click Next.

  3. Click Add, and in Functions for Operations, select remove.

  4. Click Add, and in Name, enter BAPI_USER_DELETE, the click Search.

  5. Select the function and click OK.

  6. Select the BAPI_USER_DELETE function and click Edit.

  7. In Value, select user.anchor, and click Next.

  8. On the main page, click Add Attribute.

  9. In Name, enter username, and select is a required attribute.

  10. Map this attribute to the BAPI_USER DELETE function.