The steps below guide you through the process of adding new, or editing an existing operation within an ERP MA Configuration object type. An Operation in a new configuration is defined by the containing functions and attributes. Therefore in order to fully configure an Operation you will also have to configure the various functions and attributes that make up the Operation.

For this example we'll configure the minimum, which is as one operation containing one function and one attribute.

Select an existing Object Type to modify

From the main window, select the object type "user" in the tree view.

Adding new Operation named "remove"

  1. Click the "Add Operations" button to add at the right of the main window to start adding a new operations for this object type. Doing so will start the "Define Operation" wizard.

  2. Select Define the functions to execute for this operation.

    1. Click Add to find and add function(s)s to this operation. In this case we'll be searching for and adding the function BAPI_USER_DELETE.

    2. When the "Select Functions" dialog box is shown, type in to the search field "BAPI_USER_DELETE" then click the Search button. The found results will be shown in the bottom list, click to select the function, then click the OK button.

  3. Edit the configuration and populate the USERNAME parameter from with predefined alias for the anchor attribute.

    • Select the 'BAPI_USER_DELETE' function, click the 'edit' button at the bottom of the form.

  4. Complete the wizard by clicking 'Next' until you are back at the main screen.