Application rules



This section enables you to view all rules applied on the traffic generated by individual applications within trusted zones and the Internet. By default, rules are added automatically according to user reactions to a new communication. To view more information about the application at the bottom of this window, click on the name of the application. At the beginning of each line corresponding to a rule, there is a button allowing you to expand/collapse (+/-) the information. Click on the name of the application in the Application/Rule column to display information about the rule at the bottom of this window. You can use the contextual menu to change the display mode. The context menu can be also used for adding, editing and deleting rules. For each type (direction) of communication, you can select the following actions:


allow – to allow communication
deny – to deny communication
ask – you will be prompted to allow or deny each time a communication is to be established. Then it is up to you to deny or to allow it.