Connecting to ERAS

Most features in ERAC are only available after connecting to ERAS. Define the server by name or IP address before connecting:


Open the ERAC and click File > Edit Connections… (or Tools > Console Options…) and click the Connection tab.


Click the Add/Remove… button to add new ERA Servers or to modify currently listed servers. Pick the desired server in the Select connection drop-down menu. Then, click the Connect button.


Other options in this window:


· Connect to selected server on the console startup
If this option is selected, the console will automatically connect to the selected ERAS on startup.
· Show message when connection fails
If there is a communication error between ERAC and ERAS, an alert will be displayed.


There are two authentication types available:



ERA Server


The user authenticates with ERAS credentials. By default no password is required to connect to an ERAS, but we strongly recommend that one be established. To create a password to connect to an ERAS:


Click File > Change Password… (or Tools > Server Options > Security) and then click the Change… button to the right of Password for Console.


When entering a password you can check the Remember password option. Please consider the possible security risks associated with this option. To delete all remembered passwords click File > Clear Cached Passwords….


Select the access type from the Access drop-down menu (options are either Administrator or Read-Only), enter your password and click OK.





The user authenticates with Windows/Domain user credentials. In order for the Windows/Domain authentication to work properly ERAS needs to be installed under the Windows/Domain account with sufficient rights. You must also enable this feature in Tools > Server Options… > Advanced tab > Edit Advanced Settings… > ESET Remote Administrator > ERA Server > Setup > Security:


Allow Windows/Domain authentication - enables/disables Windows/Domain authentication

Administrator groups - allows you to define groups for which Windows/Domain authentication will be enabled

Read only groups - allows you to define groups with read-only access



When communication has been established the program’s header will change to Connected [server_name].

Alternatively you can click File > Connect to connect to ERAS.


NOTE: Communication between ERAC and ERAS is encrypted (AES-256)