Context menu

Use the right mouse button to invoke the context menu and adjust output in columns. Context menu options include:


· Select All
Selects all entries.
· Select by ‘...’
This option allows you to right-click on any attribute and automatically select (highlight) all other workstations or servers with the same attribute. The string ... is automatically replaced by the value of the current tab.        
· Inverse Selection
Performs inverted selection of entries.
· Hide Selected
Hides selected entries.
· Hide Unselected
Hides all unselected entries in the list.


· Show/Hide Columns
Opens the Console Options > Columns - Show/Hide window where you can define columns that will be available in the selected pane.


The Hide Selected/Unselected options are effective if further organization is needed after using previous filtering methods. To disable all filters set by the context menu, click View > Cropped View, or click the icon on the ERAC toolbar. You can also press F5 to refresh displayed information and disable filters.




· To only display clients with threat alerts:
In the Clients tab, right-click on any empty pane with Last Virus Alert and choose Select by ‘…‘ from the context menu. Then, again from the context menu, click Hide Selected.


· To display threat alerts for clients ”Joseph” and ”Charles”:
Click the Threat Log tab and right-click any attribute in the Client Name column with the value Joseph. From the context menu click Select by ‘Joseph’. Then, press and hold the CTRL key, right-click and click Select by ‘Charles’. Finally, right-click and select Hide Unselected from the context menu and release the CTRL key.


The CTRL key can be used to select/deselect specific entries and the SHIFT key can be used to mark/unmark a group of entries.


NOTE: Filtering can also be used to facilitate the creation of new tasks for specific (highlighted) clients. There are many ways to use filtering effectively, please experiment with various combinations.