Other Settings

To set RA server settings, select Tools > Server options from the main ERA Console menu.




In the Other Settings tab, you can setup an SMTP server address to use while sending installation packages via e-mail and an administrator e-mail address which will be used in the e-mail sent by the administrator. If authentication is required by the server, specify the appropriate username and password.


The Other Settings tab lets you set the following settings:


Allow new clients – when checked, new clients are added automatically to the client list upon their first connection to the ERA Server. Clients imported via replication from other RA servers will be added to the client list automatically during the replication.


Automatically reset “New” flag by new clients – when checked new clients will not be flagged as new automatically upon their first connection to RAS. For more details see the Clients tab description.


Port configuration - enables you to customize ports


NOTE: For changes in port configuration to take effect, NOD32 ERA Server service must be restarted.


· Console: port used by ERA Console for connecting to ERA Server (2223 by default)
· Client: port used by ESET client for connecting to ERA Server (2222 by default)
· Replication port of this server: port used by ERA for replication to an upper ERA Server (2846 by default)
· ESET Remote Installer (Agent): port used by remote install agent for remote installation (Eset Remote Installer, by default 2224)


Gathering - ERAS will forward suspicious files and statistical information from clients to ESET’s servers in specified time interval. In some cases it is not possible to provide that this information is submitted directly from clients.