New Log Event

The following parameters are available for the New Log Event triggers:


· Log type – choose one of the following types: Event Log, Threat Log or Firewall Log
· Log level – Log entry level in the given log

 - Level 1 - Critical Warnings - Critical errors only

 - Level 2 - Above + Warning - The same as Level 1, plus alert notifications

 - Level 3 - Above + Normal - The same as Level 2, plus informative notifications

 - Level 4 - Above + Diagnostic - The same as Level 3, plus diagnostic notifications


· Number of occurrences in time interval – Type the number of occurrences and select the time period to specify the event frequency that must be reached for the notification to be sent. The default frequency is 1000 occurrences in one hour.
· Amount – bigger or equal (>=) than the number of clients. You can specify this value either in absolute number or in percent.