Server State

The Server rule parameters window lets you setup parameters to trigger a specific server state related rule that is then applied to sending notifications. To setup a parameter click the radio button next to a specific condition. This will activate the adjacent active elements of the GUI to allow you modify the parameter(s) of a condition.


Conditions and their functions:


· Server updated
- if you activate the Only with PCU option, notifications will be sent only if the server undergoes a successful Program Component update.
- if Only with PCU option is not checked, notifications about all updates will be sent.


· Server not updated
- you can use the pull down menu to select the maximum time period the server will run without being up to date before a notification will be sent.
· Server log
- you can use the pull down menu to specify which log entry types will trigger sending of a notification or you can check the Filter log entries by type check box to specify which entries will be watched in the server log.
· License expiration
- license will expire in the specified number of days (or it has already expired). Select the adjacent check box (Warn only if this will cause the number of clients in the license fall below the number or actual clients in the server database) to send a notification if expiration causes a decrease of number of clients below the number of currently connected clients.
· Limit license
- you can limit the percentage of free clients


For more information on notifications see chapter Notification Manager.