Client Properties Tab - Quarantine

Manage objects quarantined by the client in this tab.



· Refresh to update the list of quarantine entries
· Save As... to save the downloaded object under a name and/or folder of your choosing
· Request to send a request to the server to download the currently selected object(s) from the client
· Restore/Delete Task to restore or delete a quarantined object (for more information see chapter Restore/Delete from Quarantine Task)
· Copy to Clipboard to copy the status text from the tab to the clipboard.


NOTE: The number of quarantined objects is displayed in the upper part of the window.


The list of quarantine entries includes the following columns:





File hash code

Occurred first

Time passed from the first occurrence of the quarantined item

Occurred last

Time passed from the latest occurrence of the quarantined item

Object name

Usually a folder in which the infiltration is located


Size of the quarantined file


Reason for quarantining — usually a description of the threat type


Number of times the object was quarantined


Mark the object to be downloaded from the client


NOTE: The Quarantine tab is available in ESET security products that are version 4.0 and later.


For more information about Quarantine, see chapter Quarantine tab.