Event Log Properties Tab - General

Event Id – ID of the corresponding entry in the database tab. Events are assigned their IDs in the order they take place, e.g: Event 1, Event 2, etc.
Client Name - name identifying a client in ERA. New clients use the value “Computer Name”. Client Name can be modified with no side effects.
Computer Name - name of computer where the event took place
MAC Address – MAC address of client workstation reporting th event
Primary Server – name of ERA Server, to which the given workstation is connected. If not supplied during the installation of ERA Server, it equals to the computen name where it is running.
Date Received – exact date nad time of reception of the event by ERA Server
Date Occured - exact date nad time of when the event took place on workstation
Level – emergency level of the event
Plugin – program module concerned
Event – concise description of the event
User – name of the user logged in when the incident occurred


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