Mobile Log Properties Tab - General

Mobile Id – Network ID of the mobile device

Client Name - Name of the client where an event was performed

Computer Name - Name of the device

MAC Address – MAC address of the device reporting the event

Primary Server – Name of ERA Server, to which given workstation is connected. If not supplied during the installation of ERA Server, it equals to computer name where it is running.

Date Received – Exact date and time of receiving of the log by ERA Server

Date Occurred - Exact date and time of completion of the event on workstation

Level - Alert level

Log Type - Type of a log (e.g., Security Audit Log)

Event - Description of the event

Object Type - Object to which the event is related (e.g. SMS, file, ...)

Object Name - Particular object to which the event is related (e.g. SMS sender phone number, path to file, ...)

Action - Action performed (or error encountered) during the event


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