Remote Install Computer Properties Tab - General

This tab contains detailed information about selected client computer such as Computer Name, Computer Domain, IP address and many more.


The details that should always be available (if there is no connection issue) are the following three:


Computer Name


Computer Domain


IPv4 address



Figure: General tab of the Properties dialog for a remote installation computer


Other details may/may not be available:

Computer OS

Client Operating system

Install Tasks

Pending Installation tasks

Client Name

Name of Client

MAC Address

MAC address (network adapter)

Primary Server        

Primary ERA Server


Domain / group name, to which a client belongs (these are not groups created in ERAS)

Product Name

Installed product name

Product Version

Installed product version

Policy Name

Name of policy applied for selected computer

Last Connected

Time of last connection with ERA Server

Protection Status Text

Description of Protection status on selected computer

Virus Signature DB

Version of Virus Signature Database

Last Threat Alert

Name of last detected threat

Last Firewall Alert

Description of last alert displayed by Firewall module

Last Event Warning

Description of last Event Warning displayed

Last Files Scanned

Number of scanned files during the last On-demand scan

Last Files Infected

Number of infected files during the last On-demand scan

Last Files Cleaned

Number of cleaned (or deleted) files during the last On-demand scan

Last Scan Date        

Time of last On-demand scan

Restart Request

Is a restart required (e.g., after a program upgrade)

Restart Request Date

Time of first restart request

Product Last Started

Time that client program was last launched

Product Install Date

Date that the ESET security product was installed on the client

Roaming User        

Clients with this attribute will perform the ”update now” task each time they establish a connection with the ERAS (recommended for notebooks). The update is only performed if the client's virus signature database is not up to date.

New Client

Newly connected computer (see chapter General description of tabs and clients).

OS Name

Name of client operating system

OS Platform

Operating system platform (Windows / Linux…)

HW Platform



Client’s current.xml configuration (including date/time that the configuration was created)

Protection Status

General status statement (Similar in nature to the Configuration attribute)

Protection Features

General status statement for program components (Similar to Configuration attribute)

System Information

Client submits system information to ERAS (including time that the system information was submitted)


Clients with versions containing the ESET SysInspector tool can submit logs from this complementary application.

Custom Info

Displays custom type of information


Administrators comment for selected computer


You can copy all the displayed information to clipboard after clicking the button Copy to Clipboard.