Tasks Properties Tab - SysInspector Script

The SysInspector Script tab of the Tasks Properties window lets you check the availability of the SysInspector script and offers you options to manage the script.


Press the View button to open a separate window showing the contents of the downloaded script in a .txt file.


Press the Save as button to save the downloaded script to a file under a specific name and location. Activate the Save the donwloaded script in to specified file check box before saving, if you want to edit the newly saved file.


The New task button lets you define a new script task. Activate the Use the downloaded script in the new SysInspector script task option if you want the downloaded script to be preselected when setting up a new script task.


For information on how to create SysInspector Script tasks see chapter SysInspector Script Task.


NOTE: SysInspector script tasks are supported only by ESET Smart Security/ESET NOD32 Antivirus version 4.0 and later.