Remote installation

ERA offers several methods of remote installation. Distribution of installation packages to target workstations can be performed using the following methods:

· Remote push installation
· Logon script remote installation
· Email remote installation
· Upgrade


Remote installation by means of ERA consists of these steps:

· Creation of installation packages
· Distribution of packages to client workstations (push installation method, logon script, email, upgrade, external solution)


The first step is initiated through ERAC, but the install package itself is located in ERAS, in the following directory:


%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Eset\ESET Remote Administrator\Server\packages


To launch installation packages through ERAC, click the Remote Install tab, select the Computers tab and right-click anywhere within its contents. Select Manage packages from the context menu.




Each installation package is defined by a Name. See (1) in the figure above. The remaining sections of the dialog window are related to the content of the package, which is applied after it has been successfully delivered to a target workstation. Each package contains:

· ESET client solution installation files (2)
· .xml configuration file for ESET client solutions (3)
· Command line parameters assigned to the package (4)


The Type drop-down menu in section (1) provides access to additional ERA features. In addition to remote installation, ESET security products can be uninstalled remotely using the Uninstall ESET Security Products and NOD32 version 2 option. Remote installation of an external application can also be performed by selecting Custom package. This is particularly useful if you want to run various scripts and executables on the remote machine, including uninstall tools for third-party security products or standalone cleaning tools. You can specify custom command-line parameters for use by the Package Entry File. See the Installation of third party products using ERA chapter for more details.


Each package is automatically assigned an ESET Remote Installer agent, which allows for seamless installation and communication between target workstations and ERAS. The ESET Remote Installer agent is named einstaller.exe and contains the ERAS name and the name and type of package to which it belongs. The following chapters provide a detailed description of the agent.


There are several parameters which can affect the installation process. They can be used either during direct installation with the administrator present at the workstation, or for remote installation. For remote installations, parameters are selected during the process of configuring installation packages – selected parameters are then applied automatically on target clients. Additional parameters for ESET Smart Security and ESET NOD32 Antivirus can be typed after the name of the .msi installation package (e.g., eav_nt64_ENU.msi /qn):


· /qn
Quiet installation mode – no dialog windows are displayed.
· /qb!
No user intervention is possible, but the installation process is indicated by a progress bar in %.
· REBOOT =”ReallySuppress”
Suppresses restart after installation of the program.
· REBOOT =”Force”
Automatically reboots after installation.
After installation, a dialog window prompting the user to confirm rebooting is displayed (can’t be used along with /qn).
· ADMINCFG =”path_to_xml_file”
During installation, parameters defined in the specified.xml files are applied to ESET security products. The parameter is not required for remote installation. Installation packages contain their own .xml configuration, which is applied automatically.
· PASSWORD=”password”
You need to add this parameter when the ESS/EAV settings are password protected.

Parameters for ESET NOD32 Antivirus 2.x should be typed after the setup.exe filename, which can be extracted along with other files from the installation package (e.g., setup.exe /silentmode):


Quiet installation mode – no dialog windows are displayed.
Will install an older version over an installed newer version.
· /CFG =”path_to_xml_file”
During installation, parameters defined in the specified .xml files are applied to ESET client solutions. The parameter is not required for remote installation. Installation packages contain their own .xml configuration which is applied automatically.
Automatically reboots after installation.
After the installation, a dialog window prompting the user to confirm rebooting is displayed. This parameter can only be used if combined with the SILENTMODE parameter.
Installs MFC libraries for the Microsoft Windows 9x operating system that are required for ERA to function correctly. This parameter can always be used, even if the MFC libraries are available.


Under Create/Select installation package contents (2), the administrator can create a standalone install package with a predefined configuration from an already existing and saved install package (the Save As... button). Such installation packages can be run on the client workstation where the program is to be installed. The user only needs to run the package and the product will install without connecting back to ERAS during the installation.


NOTE: Adding a configuration to the .msi installation file means the digital signature of this file will no longer be valid.


Important: On Microsoft Windows Vista and later we strongly recommend that you perform a silent remote installation (the /qn, /qb parameter). Otherwise interaction with a user might cause the remote installation to fail due to timeout.