Static Groups

Static groups are created to separate clients in your network into named groups and subgroups; i.e. you can create a Marketing group that will contain all marketing clients and also create specialized division subgroups — Local sales, EMEA Management, etc.


The Static Groups main window is divided into two parts. The left side contains existing, hierarchically displayed groups and subgroups. Clients included in the selected group are listed on the right side of the window. By default, only clients in the selected group are listed. If you wish to see clients included in subgroups of the currently selected group, check the Show clients in subgroups check box on the right side of the window.


To create a new group, click Create and select a name for the group. A new group is created as a subgroup of the currently selected parent group. If you wish to create a new main group, select the root of the hierarchical tree — Static Groups. The Parent group field contains the name of the parent group for the newly created group (i.e. "/" for the root). We recommend using a name that indicates where the computers are located (e.g. Business Department, Support etc.). The Description field can be used to further describe the group (e.g. "Computers in office C", "HQ workstations" etc.). Newly created and configured groups can also be edited later.


NOTE: When a task is sent to the Parent group, all stations that belong to its subgroup(s) will accept this task as well.


It is also possible to create empty groups for future use.


Click OK to create the group. Its name and description will appear on the left and the Add/Remove button will become active. Click this button to add clients you would like included in the group (either double-click or drag-and-drop them from left to right). To find and add clients, enter all or part of a client name in the Quick search field and all clients containing the typed string will be displayed. To mark all clients, click Select All. Click the Refresh button to check for any new clients recently connected to the server.


If manually selecting clients is not convenient you can click the Add Special... button for more options.


Select the Add clients loaded in the Clients pane option to add all clients displayed in the client section, or select the Only selected option. To add clients that already belong to another server or group, select them from the lists on the left and right and click Add.


Click OK in the Add/Remove dialog window to return to the main Static Group Manager window. The new group should be displayed with its corresponding clients.


Click the Add/Remove button to add or remove clients from groups, or click the Delete button to delete an entire group. Click the Copy to Clipboard button to copy the client and group lists. To refresh the group clients press the Refresh button.


You can also Import/Export currently selected group clients to an .xml file.