Firewall Rules Merge Wizard

Firewall Rules Merge Wizard allows you to merge the firewall rules for selected clients. This is especially useful when you need to create a single configuration containing all firewall rules that were gathered by clients in learning mode. The resulting configuration can then be sent to clients via a configuration task or can be applied as a policy.


The wizard is accessible from the Tools drop-down menu and from the context menu in the Clients tab after right-clicking selected clients (the selected clients are then automatically added to the selected items in the first step).


NOTE: To perform this action successfully, all the selected clients must have the latest configuration stored (sent or replicated) on the server.


The process is as follows. First, you need to choose the clients or groups of clients from which the firewall rules will be merged. In the next step you can see a list of selected clients and their configuration status. If a client's configuration is not on the server, you can request it using the Request button. In the last steps you can choose which of the merged rules will be used in the configuration and save them to an .xml file.