Interactive Task

This task is different from all other tasks described here in its execution and application.


From the Clients tab, you can see the Protection Status Text column monitoring the protection status of all connected ESET clients. A blank field denotes that the protection status of a specific client is on the Maximum protection level. If the protection level of a client is lower than maximum, a protection status warning highlighted in red or orange will appear in the Protection Status Text (e.g., ESET Personal firewall is  disabled).


ERA enables the administrator to manipulate these settings from the Clients tab as follows:


1) Double-click a relevant client entry on the Client tab.


2) In the Properties window, click the Protection Status tab.

Figure: Click the suggested solution text to send an interactive task to the client.


3) The Protection status field will contain one or more warnings. Click the blue text suggesting a solution at the end of each message.


4) Click Yes to confirm execution of the interactive task.


5) After repeating steps 3 and 4 for every message displayed, click Refresh several times to see if the status message(s) disappear.


Once you have resolved all the issues successfully, the protection status message will change to Protection status: System is secure.


NOTE: The Interactive task feature is supported by ESET Smart Security/ESET NOD32 version 3 and later.