Restore/Delete from Quarantine Task

With this task you can restore or delete specified quarantined objects from the client quarantine.


1) After you open the Restore/Delete from Quarantine window (see chapter Tasks) click the Restore/Delete radio-button depending on the kind of action you would like to perform with the quarantined object.
NOTE: When you restore a quarantined object that is still detected as a threat you might want to select the option Add exclusion too, otherwise the antivirus may stop the action or add the object to the quarantine again.


2) Select a condition to specify which quarantined objects you would like to restore/delete and click Next.
NOTE: If you opened the Restore/Delete from Quarantine window by right-clicking a quarantine entry directly from the Quarantine tab (and selecting the Restore/Delete from Quarantine task option) you will not need to specify conditions (the By hash option will be automatically selected and the hash code of the quarantined file used as an identifier).


3) Select the clients for your restore/delete operation (see chapter Tasks) and click Next.
4) Review your settings in the Task Report window, name your task, specify the time you would like to apply the task and cleanup options, if desired, and then click Finish to confirm. See chapter Tasks for more details.