What's new

ESET Remote Administrator Version 4.0


- support for ESET Smart Security/ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4.2

- support for ESET Mail Security 4 for Microsoft Exchange Server

- support for Linux/Mac desktop security solution (ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4)

- support for ESET Mobile Security


New features

- Remote Installation - new design

- Group Management - new design (Static groups, Parametric Groups, improved Active Directory synchronization)

- Filter - improved functionality (policy filters, static and parametric groups filters)

- Policies - new parameters in policy rules (support for parametric groups), import/export of policies and policy rules, scheduler tasks merging, Policy Rules Wizard

- Notifications - support for parametric groups + several minor improvements

- Centralized view on clients' quarantine (for v4 and higher ESS/EAV clients)

- Reports - support for static and parametric groups, new types of reports (mobile log, quarantine, firewall), new templates

- Firewall rules merge wizard - wizard for merging rules created in learning mode

- Windows/Domain authentication of ERA Console user

- Windows Passive Cluster support

- Supports reinstallation of older ERA versions (3.x, 2.x, 1.x) including data migration support

- Communication encryption with AES-256


New ESET Configuration Editor

- support for new ESET Security products

- support for new ERA Server features

- zipped license files

- possibility to add predefined scheduled tasks


ESET Remote Administrator Version 3.0


- support for ESET Security products 4.x
- support for Linux solutions


New features

- Policy Management

- Notification Manager
- Read-Only Console access
- support for ESET SysInspector
- enhanced data transfer scalability
- deletion of replicated clients
- license key merging /License Manager/
- Mirror for ESET NOD32 Antivirus 2.x
- new setup
- domain-based filtering option added in Find Unregistered Computers
- compression of server logs (zip)
- minor bugs fixed and several minor features added
- Rescue CD


Internal Server enhancements

- support for additional databases (MS Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL)


New ESET Configuration Editor

- support for ESET Security products 4.x


ESET Remote Administrator Version 2.0


- support of new ESET Security Products version 3 (ESET Smart Security, ESET NOD32 Antivirus)
- new logs (new columns, ESET Personal Firewall logs)
- new client state information for version 3 clients (Protection Status, Protection Features, System Information)
- tasks (configuration, update now, on-demand scan, interactive task)
- still supports NOD32 version 2 products


New features

- extended client identification (MAC address added)

- extended remote installation (support of msi and custom packages)
- security enhancements (encryption possibility for all new server clients)
- performance improvements (compression in communication protocol)
- added forwarding of ThreatSense.Net data via ERA Server
- GUI improvements (new graphics, enhanced state coloring, extended filters, resizable dialogs)
- new report template (ESS Scheme)
- server performance monitoring (data, queries)
- update functionality in ERA Server (allows updating of important information)
- mirror functionality in ERA Server
- extended remote installation (support of msi and custom packages, possibility of ERA remote installation, diagnostics)


Internal Server enhancements

- new replication (replication priority, better multi-level replication)

- new database structure
- new directory structure
- internal security improvements


New ESET Configuration Editor

- supports ESET Security Products version 2 and version 3

- possibility to configure ERA Server
- other minor new features (search, custom settings)


New installer (MSI)

- database migration from previous versions


New documentation (help, manual)