Actions taken when applying rules

In the Action section you can select the actions to take with messages/attachments that match conditions defined in rules.




· No action – no action will be taken upon the message
· Mark as uncleaned threat - the message will be marked as if it contained uncleaned threat (regardless of whether it contained the threat or not)
· Mark as unsolicited email - the message will be marked as if it were a SPAM (regardless of whether it is SPAM or not)
· Delete message – removes entire message with a content that meets the conditions
· Quarantine file – the attachment will be moved to file quarantine
· Submit file for analysis – submits a suspicious attachment file for analysis via ThreatSense.Net to ESET
· Send event notification - sends a notification to the administrator
· Log – records information about the applied rule into program log
· Evaluate other rules – allows for the evaluation by other rules, giving users the ability to define multiple sets of conditions and appropriate actions to be taken according to each set
· Scan by antivirus and antispyware protection – scans message and its attachment
· Scan by antispam protection – scans message with the antispam protection. This option is only available in Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 and later while having the Transport agent turned on.