New object to exclude



The Exclusion dialog window in ESET Configuration Editor allows the user to define, which files and folders will not be checked for malicious code. This option is suitable only for specific cases, when it is safe to declare that such objects are clean and free of malicious code.


Add – adds new objects to be excluded. Switch the as a file/as a folder radio buttons to exclude either files or folders.


Only threat, Exclude all threats - by default, all threats are excluded from detection, however, by unchecking the Exclude all threats option you can exclude specific threat(s). To do so, you will need to fill the Only threat field with the infiltration's name in an appropriate format, which is as follows:




inf_name - name of the threat; e.g: Win32/KeyLogger.HomeKeyLogger.A
inf_type - type of threat; possible values:


· Virus
· Trojan
· Worm
· Application
· ApplicUnsaf (potentially unsafe application)
· ApplicUnwnt (potentially unwanted application)


Example: @NAME=Win32/KeyLogger.HomeKeyLogger.A@TYPE=ApplicUnsaf

+File and +Folder – offer the same functionality as the button Add, i.e. they add files or folders to the exclusion list.
Press the keys Ctrl or Shift to add multiple items to the list. Press and hold down the key Ctrl, and click on a file to select/deselect it. Press and hold down Shift, and use mouse to select a group of files.


In case you wish to add and exclude multiple files, then use the implemented option, which enables you to upload items from a text file. Click +List to select a text file. All lines of the text file will be uploaded and added to the exclusion list. Please note that each line of uploaded text should correspond to one object (file) to be added to the list.


Remove – removes selected items from the exclusion list.

The bottom part of the dialog window contains the buttons Mark for deletion and Deselect. They serve to select and deselect items from the exclusion list. All marked objects will be deleted from the system after the configuration is applied. Use these buttons when you want to remove specified exclusions from the system.