The Extension Editor is a special feature and its use is not recommended unless you are an advanced user. The set of file extensions to be scanned is constantly being updated and you are provided with regular updates as needed. Removing any of the default extensions might result in an infection of your computer!


NOTE: To open this dialog, navigate to the key NOD32 version 2 > AMON > Scanner > Extensions and click Edit.




Extensions list

The list of file extensions to be scanned is presented in the main section of the window. Use the scroll bar on the right-hand side of the window to navigate through the list. To highlight an extension, click on it with your mouse.



· OK - Any modifications to the list of extensions must be confirmed using the Confirm button.
· Cancel - The Cancel button closes the window and returns control to the Setup tab.
· Add... - To add an extension, click on the Add button, fill out the dialog line, click on OK and the Confirm button.
· Remove - To remove an extension (may result in security threat), highlight it, click on the Remove and Confirm button.
· Default - To restore the default set of extensions (recommended) click on the Default button and Confirm.



· Do not scan extensionless files - select this option to exclude files with no extension from scanning.
· Scan all files - Select this option to scan all files by default. When this option is selected the Extension Editor reverses the function of the main dialog box: a list of extensions of the files to exclude from scanning can be created in the extension window. In addition, a new checkbox appears allowing exclusion of extension-less files from scanning.