Some products from ESET (for example ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server) require license keys to be installed.


The list of license keys displays all license keys that have been uploaded to ESET Smart Security license key manager. If some of the products you installed from ESET doesn’t work, the reason may be that there is no license key installed, or it is expired. Each license key contains the following information:


Product – product name; name of installed product
Owner – name of product’s owner
Action – number of licenses, i.e. the maximum number of computers where the program can be installed and used
Expiration – license expiration date for the product (the system will alert you – by the change of color – 30 days before the expiration date)

Add – opens a dialog window that enables you to add a file with the LIC extension – product’s license keys – to the list of uploaded keys
Remove – removes selected license keys from the list