Folders and files



Selection of scanning targets within a scanning profile is available in the dialog window Folders and files (menu item Scan targets > Edit) in ESET Configuration Editor. On the right-hand side, the dialog window contains functional buttons, enabling user to edit the list of objects. The list is displayed on the left side of the window. There follows a list of available buttons:


OK - click to confirm selected objects and save them to the configuration file
Cancel - cancels all changes
Delete - deletes selected objects from the list
+Folder - adds folders to the list
+File - adds files to the list
+List - serves to add a group of objects to the list; objects are specified by the system path in an external file
+Drives - opens the Client scan target selection dialog window which enables user to add hard drives to the list.
+Memory - includes system memory in the list of scanning targets


Click New Item in the bottom part which adds the specified string either as a file or as a folder depending on the currently selected radio button on the right.