Save configuration in old XML format – configuration will be saved in the format supported by the previous version of ESET Configuration Editor
Allow old configuration template type – enables using of the older version of configuration template
Use external configuration template – tick this option to use external configuration template
Template: - path to configuration template file




Overwrite existing file without asking – files will be rewritten without asking to confirm
Integrate program into the context menu - the context menu (right-click) on XML file will offer the option to open the file in the program ESET Configuration Editor
Refresh automatically after save - if an XML file is open in the internal viewer, it will update automatically when saving configuration

Edit after double-click – if checked, double-click triggers editing or modification of the respective value
Selection by double-click – double-click activates/deactivates the respective value




Log errors to file – logs all errors related to ESET Configuration Editor to a log file




Backup modified files automatically – if there occurs any modification to the original file , a copy with original settings is created automatically
Backup file extension – allows you to define the file extension for backup files




Keep history of opened files – if checked, history of recently opened files will be available in the program menu „File“
Clear history – click to delete history of recently opened files

Save settings – click this button to save the changes made in the window