The Rules menu item allows administrators to manually define email filtering conditions and actions to take with filtered emails. The rules are applied according to a set of combined conditions. Multiple conditions are combined with the logical operator AND, applying the rule only if all the conditions are met.


The rules are applied to a message when it is processed by transport agent (TA) or VSAPI. Rules are also applied during background scanning (e.g. repeated mailbox-store scan after the virus signature database update).




Select all - selects all rules in the list

Deselect all - deselects all rules in the list. Unchecking a checkbox (left of each rule name) deactivates current rule


Add - creates a new rule

Edit - modifies existing rule

Remove – removes a particular rule from the Rules list in ESET Configuration Editor. This will not result in deleting the rule from client workstations on which the configuration will be applied. To delete the rule on the client, you have to check the Mark for deletion option.


Up – moves a selected rule up in the list

Down – moves a selected rule down in the list


Marked for deletion - marks a particular rule for permanent removal. The rule(s) will be deleted after the configuration has been applied to a client.


Delete all existing rules on client - removes all user-defined rules on client workstations


NOTE: You can also use system variables (e.g., %PATHEXT%) when configuring rules.