Display modes

ERAC offers the user two display modes:

· Administrative mode
· Read-only mode


The administrative mode of ERAC gives the user full control over all features and settings, as well as the ability to administer all client workstations connected to it.


The read-only mode is suitable for viewing the status of ESET client solutions connecting to ERAS; creation of tasks for client workstations, creation of install packages and remote installation are not allowed. The License Manager, Policy Manager and Notification Manager are also inaccessible. Read-only mode does allow the administrator to modify ERAC settings and generate reports.


The Display mode is selected at each console startup in the Access drop-down menu, while the password to connect to ERAS can be set for either display mode. Setting a password is especially useful if you want some users to be given full access to ERAS and others read-only access. To set the password, click Tools > Server Options... > Security and click the Change... button next to Password for Console (Administrator Access) or (Read-Only Access).