While running, ERAS creates a log (Log filename) about its activity which is configurable (Log verbosity). If the Log to text file option is selected, new log files will be created (Rotate when greater than X MB) and deleted on a daily basis (Delete rotated logs older than X days).


The Log to OS application log option allows information to be copied to the system event viewer log (Windows Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event viewer).


The Database Debug Log option should be disabled under normal circumstances.


By default, the text file output is saved to the following location:

%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application data\Eset\ESET Remote Administrator\Server\logs\era.log


We recommend leaving the Log verbosity set to Level 2 – Above + Session Errors. Change the log level only if you are experiencing problems, or if you are advised to do so by ESET Customer Care.


Click Tools > Server Options > Advanced > Edit Advanced Settings… > Setup > Logging > Rotated debug log compression to configure compression level for individual rotated logs.