How to enable and configure the Mirror

If the Mirror is directly integrated into ERA (a Business Edition component), connect to ERAS using ERAC and follow these steps:


· From the ERAC click Tools > Server Options… > Updates.
· From the Update server: drop-down menu, select Choose Automatically (updates will be downloaded from ESET’s servers), or enter the URL/UNC path to a Mirror server.
· Set the Update interval for updates (we recommend sixty minutes).
· If you selected Choose Automatically in the previous step, insert the username (Update username) and password (Update password) which were sent after purchase. If accessing an upper server, enter a valid domainuser name and password for that server.
· Select the Create update mirror option and enter a path to the folder which will store the update files. By default this is a relative path to the Mirror folder, as long as the option Provide update files via internal HTTP server is selected and is available on the HTTP port defined in HTTP server port (by default 2221). Set Authentication to NONE (For more information see chapter Operation of the Mirror server).


NOTE: In case of problems with updates, select the Clear Update Cache option to flush the folder in which temporary update files are stored.

· The Mirror Downloaded PCU option allows you to activate mirroring of program components. To set up PCU mirroring go to Advanced > Edit Advanced Settings and configure settings in ESET Remote Administrator > ERA Server > Setup > Mirror (or Mirror for NOD32 version 2).


· Select the language components to be downloaded in Advanced > Edit Advanced Settings… the branch ERA Server > Setup > Mirror > Create Mirror for the selected program components. Components for all language versions to be used in the network should be selected. Note that downloading a language version not installed in the network will unnecessarily increase network traffic.




The Mirror feature is also available directly from the program interface in ESET Smart Security Business Edition and ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition. It is left to the administrator’s discretion as to which is used to implement the Mirror server.


To activate and launch the Mirror server from ESET Smart Security Business Edition or ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition, follow these steps:


1) Install ESET Smart Security Business Edition or ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition
2) From the Advanced Setup window (F5), click Miscellaneous > Licenses. Click the Add… button, browse for the *.lic file and click Open. This will install the license and allow configuration of the Mirror feature.
3) From the Update branch click the Setup… button and select the Mirror tab.
4) Select the Create update mirror and Provide update files via internal HTTP server option.
5) Enter the full directory path to the folder (Folder to store mirrored files) where update files are to be stored.
6) The Username and Password serve as authentication data for client workstations attempting to gain access to the Mirror folder. In most cases, it is not required to populate these fields.
7) Set Authentication to NONE.
8) Select components to be downloaded (components for all language versions which will be used in the network should be selected). Components are only displayed if they are available from ESET’s update servers.

NOTE: To maintain optimal functionality, we recommend that you enable downloading and mirroring of program components. If this option is disabled, only the virus signature database is updated, not program components. If the Mirror is used as a part of ERA, this option can be configured in ERAC through Tools > Server Options… > Advanced tab > Edit Advanced Settings… > ESET Remote Administrator > ERA Server > Setup > Mirror. Enable all program language versions present in your network.