Notifications via SNMP Trap

SNMP (Simple Network Management protocol) is a simple and wide spread management protocol suitable for monitoring and identifying network problems. One of the operations of this protocol is TRAP, which sends specific data. In ERA, we use TRAP to send notification messages.


In order for the TRAP tool to run effectively, the SNMP protocol must be correctly installed and configured on the same computer as ERAS (Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove programs > Add/Remove Windows Components). The SNMP service should be configured as described in this article: In ERAS, you need to activate an SNMP notification rule.. In ERAS, you need to activate an SNMP notification rule.


Notifications can be viewed in the SNMP manager, which must be connected to an SNMP server where the configuration file eset_ras.mib is imported. The file is a standard component of an ERA install, and is usually located in the folder C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Remote Administrator\Server\snmp\.