Other settings

SMTP settings
Some features in ERA require correct SMTP server configuration. Those features include remote email installation and generating reports to be sent by email.


New clients


Allow new clients

If disabled, no new clients will be added in the Clients tab – even if new clients communicate with ERA Servers, they will not be visible in the Clients tab.


Automatically reset “New“ flag by new clients

If enabled, the New flag is removed from clients connecting to ERAS for the first time. For more information please see chapter Clients tab.



Enables you to customize ports where ERAS is listening to communications, established by Console (by default 2223), Client (by default 2222), the replication process (Replication port – by default 2846), ESET Remote Installer (by default 2224).


If enabled, ERAS will forward suspicious files and statistical information from clients to ESET’s servers in specified interval. Note that it is not always possible for client workstations to submit this information directly, due to the network configuration.