Other settings tab

· Filter settings > Auto apply changes
If enabled, filters in individual tabs will generate new outputs upon each modification of filter settings. Otherwise, filtering will only take place after clicking the Apply Changes button.


· Remote Administrator updates
This section allows you to enable checking for new versions of ESET Remote Administrator. We recommend the default value of Monthly. If a new version is available, ERAC displays a notification at program startup.


· Other settings > Use automatic refresh
If selected, data in individual tabs is automatically refreshed according to the designated interval.


· Other settings > Show gridlines
Select this option to separate individual cells in all tabs by gridlines.


· Other settings > Prefer showing Client as ”Server/Name” instead of ”Server/Computer/MAC”
Affects the display mode for clients in some dialog windows (e.g., New task). This option has only a visual effect.


· Other settings > Use systray icon
ERA Console will be represented by an icon in the Windows notification area.


· Other settings > Show on taskbar when minimized
If the ERAC window is minimized, it will be accessible from the Windows task bar.


· Other settings > Use highlighted systray icon when problematic clients found
Select this option in conjunction with the Edit button to define events which will trigger a change in color to the ERAC icon in the notification area.


If the ERAC on the administrator’s PC is going to be connected permanently to ERAS, we recommend that you select the Show on taskbar when minimized option and leave the Console minimized when inactive. If a problem occurs, the icon in the notification area will turn red – which is a signal for the administrator to intervene. We also recommend adjusting the option Use  highlighted  systray  icon  when  problematic  clients  found in order to specify which events will trigger a color change of the ERAC icon. However, the ERAC will disconnect if database compression is enabled on the server.


· Other settings > Tutorial messages
Enables (Enable All) or Disables (Disable All) all informative messages.