How to create rescue CD

If the minimum requirements for the creation of ESET SysRescue CD are met, it is quite an easy task to accomplish. To launch the ESET SysRescue wizard, click Start > Programs > ESET > ESET NOD32 Antivirus > ESET SysRescue.


First, the wizard checks the presence of Windows AIK and a suitable device for the boot media creation.


In the next step select the target media where ESET SysRescue will be located. In addition to CD/DVD/USB you can choose to save ESET SysRescue in an ISO file. Later on, you can burn the ISO image on CD/DVD, or use it some other way (e.g. in the virtual environment such as VMware or VirtualBox).


After you have specified all parameters, you will see a compilation preview in the last step of ESET SysRescue wizard. Check the parameters and start the compilation. The available options include:



ESET Antivirus


Bootable USB device