Command line

ESET Configuration Editor can be launched via the command line – manually (with the “CfgEdit” command).




cfgedit.exe [filename] [-option1 [filename|id|ids]]...[-optionN]


List of available command line parameters:




name of xml file to be launched automatically


Available settings:


runs editor only in the read-only mode - will not allow editing (nor selecting) of entries


deactivates all menu items related to manipulation with files (open, save, save marked...)

-cfgxml filename

defines xml template (its name is given by filename) to be used


activates logging all of error messages


disables displaying of the save file confirmation dialog window if it already exists (files are automatically overwritten)

-outfile filename

default name assigned after writing to the file


enables using the old xml template format


activates creation of backup (if it already exists, it writes data to the existing files)


automatically refreshes all opened View windows when saving