Creates a new file with all values set to default. All items will be unmarked. If you wish to save any item, please mark it.



Opens an existing configuration file. If the Show/All items option is enabled, all items will be displayed and those saved in the configuration file will be marked.



Saves the configuration and changes to the currently open file. In case of a newly created configuration, you will be prompted to specify the file name.


Save As...

Saves the configuration under a new name.


Save Marked As...

Saves only marked items to a new configuration file.


NOTE: If the original file contains some items that cannot be read by ESET Configuration Editor, they will be lost when choosing this option.


Import from

Inserts an existing configuration in a XML file to the currently created configuration.


Export selected to...

Saves marked entries to a XML file.



Closes current configuration file and leaves the application open. If you changed the configuration file and did not save the changes, you will be asked to save or continue without saving.


Open xml file in associated application

Displays saved XML configurations using a predefined application (by default it is Internet Explorer).


Open xml in internal viewer

Displays saved XML configurations using an internal viewer in ESET Configuration Editor.


Recently opened configurations

History of last ten XML files opened. This feature enables user to return to previously opened files.



Quits the application.