The configuration tree is located in the left pane of the main window. The right pane contains controllers which enable you to adjust the value of a particular item selected in the configuration tree. For ease of use, configuration tree items are sorted hierarchically according to module or profile names.




Each option can exist in two states - marked or unmarked.


When opening a configuration file, only the items listed in the xml file will be marked.


Selection of a particular item can be performed by mouse. To mark or unmark the item, double-click the item name or the icon to the left of the text, or click the Mark or Unmark button. To navigate to the following item click the Next button or press Enter. The default option for a particular item can be restored by pressing the Default button at any time.


Alternatively, all basic operations can also be performed from within the Edit option of the main menu.


The Mark, Unmark and Default value options will only be applied to the currently selected item in the configuration tree. If there are any additional subitems, the selected function will be applied to them, too.


Warning: Only marked items will be saved!


A special type of item is an item determining profile name. For more information, please see the Profiles section.


Creating configuration file (example 1):


To create a configuration file with the default settings of the IMON module:


1. choose File/New from the main menu
2. select the IMON module by mouse
3. mark the module either by double-clicking the left mouse button or clicking the Mark button
4. leave other modules intact and choose Save from the main menu


NOTE: When creating a new file all values are set to default. If you wish to revert to original value later, click the Default button.


Editing already existing configuration file (example 2):


Let's take the previously created file as an example. After opening it, only the items that were saved will be marked. If you unmark some items and save changes, these items will be deleted from the configuration file.


If an already existing file is open, you can toggle between display of all items and only items that are saved. To do so, go to Show/All items or click the icon XEDIT_TREE_GENERAL.