Profiles are a special part of the configuration tree. Besides being marked or unmarked, they can also be added or deleted.


To add a new profile, choose Profile/New Profile... from the main menu.

To delete a particular profile, select it in the configuration tree and choose Profile/Delete selected profile.


The basic principle of marking/unmarking items remains the same for profiles. If an existing file contains a profile, that profile will be deleted after unmarking it and saving the file.


Multiple profiles and the option of adding them are supported only in some modules. The list of these modules can be found in the New Profile dialog in the Profile/New Profile... menu.




Each profile contains an item determining its name with a special icon with an asterisk. This icon indicates that the item property cannot be marked or unmarked without marking/unmarking at least one of its subitems. It is marked or unmarked automatically if at least one subitem is marked/unmarked.