About Symantec Enterprise Security Manager

Corporations handle large amounts of information in complex computer environments with multiple platforms and integrated networks. The client or the server system solves the challenge of accessing this information quickly and easily. However, client or the server computers can leave sensitive data vulnerable to unauthorized access or modification.

Organizations need to secure their data against unauthorized use while still providing easy access to authorized users on multiple platforms. They need a way to apply security policies, then monitor and enforce compliance throughout the enterprise network. Symantec provides the solution to security policy management with the Symantec Enterprise Security Manager (ESM).

Symantec ESM manages sensitive data and enforces security policies across the following client or server platforms:

Symantec ESM administers and enforces the policies and procedures that your organization establishes to control access to secured areas. Symantec ESM identifies the potential security risks and recommends actions to resolve the potential breaches in security. When the potential breaches are resolved, Symantec ESM delivers frequent updates to ensure protection against new threats. Symantec ESM has a broad reporting capability to keep you informed of the security status of the network.

Symantec ESM achieves the goals of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of secured information for your organization.

The primary functions of Symantec ESM are as follows:

To effectively evaluate the security of your enterprise, you can customize the Symantec ESM environment to match the needs of your organization. You can then continue to adapt Symantec ESM to the changing conditions in the network.