About the chart information

Information in the chart pertains to the level immediately beneath the object that is selected in the Summary branch of the enterprise tree. For example, click the summary chart on the toolbar and then click an agent object in the Summary branch. These actions cause the chart and the grid to display security level information about the most recent policy runs on the agent.

If your environment supports connections to all network managers, the chart and the grid display the following information when you select the ESM enterprise object:

The summary chart displays a count of the red, yellow, and green objects for the level that is under the selected object. You select the summary chart for an object from the Summary branch.

The drill-down chart displays the level and the score information for each object. You can click on the chart to expand the Summary branch to the next level and show the chart for that level. If you select trend mode, the chart displays the cumulative results of policy runs over a period of time. The Summary filter settings can limit the information that is displayed in the chart and the grid.