About viewing the manager information

Use the Manager Properties dialog box to display information about the ESM manager currently connected to the ESM console.

The General tab displays the following information:

The Access Records tab displays user accounts that the ESM administrator has created on the selected manager.

The Audit Log Configuration tab lets you enable the Audit Log for the selected manager.

The Password Configuration tab displays the following configuration information:

The Policies tab displays the policies and the policy versions that are installed on the selected manager.

The License tab displays the selected manager's license information.

The Current Access Records tab displays the account information of the currently logged on user account.

The Options tab displays the information on the manager database purge values. You can configure the selected manager to check the status of the agents that are registered to the manager.

To view the manager information

  1. Right-click the manager and click Properties.

  2. Click the General tab.

    Symantec Enterprise Security Manager displays the connection information of the current manager.