Using the Policy Run wizard

The Policy Run wizard serves as a guide to help you when you create a policy run.

To use the Policy Run wizard

  1. On the toolbar, click the Policy Run wizard icon.

  2. Select the manager that you want to use in the policy run.

  3. Select the policy that you want to run on the agent computers.

  4. Select the modules that you want to include in the policy run.

  5. Select the domain where you want to run the policy.

  6. Select the agent computers that you want to run the policy.

  7. Enable LiveUpdate for the agents if you want to enable LiveUpdate.

  8. Select the message count for the policy run.

  9. Review your selections for the policy run.

  10. Do one of the following:

    • Run the policy immediately.

    • Schedule the policy run for a later time.

      If you decide to run the policy later, the Schedule dialog box prompts for a start time. Use this dialog to set up a recurrence pattern and run the policy hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Also, set up email notification of policy run, agent summary, or module summary results.