Viewing the manager license information

Use the License tab to display the license information for the ESM manager currently connected to the ESM console.

To view the manager license information

  1. On the enterprise tree, right-click the manager and click Properties.

  2. Click the License tab.

  3. Symantec ESM displays the following license information for the current manager:

    License Type

    The License Type box displays the type of license that the ESM manager uses.

    The following types of licenses exist:

    • Temporary

    • Permanent

    License Expiration

    The License Expiration box displays the date on which the license expires if it is a temporary license. If the license is permanent, the field displays the following message: No expiration.

    System ID

    The System ID box displays the system ID (system name) of the computer on which the ESM manager software is installed.

    Number of Agents

    The Number of Agents box displays the number of ESM agents that the ESM manager is licensed to check.