About configuring the agents and domains

A domain consists of an agent or several agents that are grouped together to run policies.

Managers create the following domains by default:

All Agents domain

This domain includes all of the agents that are registered to the manager. Symantec ESM automatically adds any new agents that you register with the manager to the All Agents domain.

Operating system domains

These domains include the registered agents that are running the same operating system. For example, the UNIX domain includes the agents that run on computers with UNIX operating systems.

Managers automatically create the correct operating system domain when the first agent on an operating system registers with the manager. Symantec ESM adds other agents with the same operating system to the domain as they register with the manager.

In addition to the default domains, you can create custom domains and add agents as necessary to support the needs of the organization. Symantec ESM lets you duplicate, rename, or delete these user-created domains.

If you remove or unregister an agent from a manager, Symantec ESM removes the agent from the following domains: