Adding an agent to a domain

Symantec ESM lets you organize the agent computers into domains on the manager. You may add an agent to more than one domain on more than one manager. You can drag and drop individual agents into a specific domain in the ESM console. When several agents are involved, you can use the Add Agent dialog box.

To add an agent to an established domain, the agent must belong to the All Agents domain. The account that you use to connect the ESM console to the manager must have both the Modify and Create New Domains access rights enabled.

The Available agents list displays agents that are not part of the domain.

The Included agents list displays agents that are in the domain.

To copy an agent to a domain

To add an agent to a domain

  1. On the enterprise tree, right-click the domain and then click Add agent.

  2. Select the agents on the Available Agents list that you want to add to the domain, and then click the left arrow to move the agents.

    To add an agent that is not on the Available agents list, you must first register the agent with the manager.