Adding new accounts

The Account wizard can help you create five default types of accounts: Read-only , ESM administrator, System administrator, Security officer, and Register only.

When you create an account and select a user type, the Account wizard automatically assigns the appropriate access rights to the account. The wizard also lets you choose the domains and policies that the new account can access. The wizard helps you create accounts for users who manage single domains or policies.

When you create a new domain, policy, or template, Symantec ESM gives access to the following accounts:

Other accounts can be modified to grant access to the new domain, policy, or template.

To add a new account

  1. On the enterprise tree, right-click the manager and click Properties.

  2. Click the Access records tab.

  3. Click Add.

  4. When prompted, specify the user name and password, together with the type of account. The following conditions apply to the manager user names and passwords:

    • Manager account user names can have up to 32 characters.

    • Manager account passwords can have up to eight characters.

      Passwords should have at least six characters, including at least one non-alphabetical character.

      Do not use any of the following special characters in a manager password:







      Left parenthesis


      Right parenthesis


      Less than


      Greater than





      The system shells interpret these special characters as commands. You can also select the domains, the policies, and the templates that you want the account to manage. You can give account access to every domain and policy on the manager, or to any combination of domains and policies.

      This method is the preferred method to create an account to manage a single domain or policy.

When you log on to the new user account for the first time, Symantec ESM prompts you to change your password.

The Symantec ESM administrator account that is created during the installation of Symantec ESM is not required to change its password on the first logon. All other users that are created later need to change their passwords on the first logon.

To change your password on the first logon

  1. After you log on, click OK on the window that prompts you to change the password.

  2. In the Change password dialog box, do the following:

    • In the Old password text box, type the original password of your account.

    • In the New password text box, type the new password.

    • In the Confirm password text box, re-type the new password.

  3. Click OK.

    Logon to the manager again with the new password after you change it on the first logon.